Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

Some of the areas of civil litigation we handle are:

Real Estate Litigation. Real estate litigation is a highly complex area of the law which frequently involves, in addition to having a comprehensive understanding of real estate law, holding an equally comprehensive knowledge of contract law, real estate development law, zoning and land use, the laws applicable to mortgage notes, real estate mortgages, lending law in general, construction and lien law, and other vital substantive areas of the law. We represent clients in real estate litigation disputes involving:

• Purchase/sale contracts, options and rights of first refusal, including breach of contract and default remedies, and the litigation of damage claims, specific performance rights, rescission and reformation remedies, liquidated damages remedies, as well as fraudulent inducement claims and declaratory judgment cases;

• Residential and commercial lease agreements and options, including evictions, breach of lease agreement issues, rent acceleration remedies, and declaratory judgment matters arising under commercial leases and the interpretation thereof;

• Secured loan litigation, including commercial and residential foreclosure prosecution and defense, and residential and commercial loan workouts and loan modifications; and,

• Co-ownership arrangements, including disputes between co-titleholders of real estate, partition actions, breach of contract actions against co-owners, accountings, and other disputes arising between co-owners of real property.

Business and Commercial Litigation. We represent small businesses and individuals when they are sued in court, or need to sue another party in court, relating to their business and commercial activities. A civil lawsuit is ultimately decided by a judge or jury. However, there are alternative ways to resolve a civil dispute, which are known as arbitration and mediation. Arbitration and mediation, however, are different procedures with different objectives. We handle lawsuits arising out of business and commercial activities, as well as arbitration and mediation procedures which are utilized to resolve cases prior to trial.

Probate Litigation. We handle cases that arise out of the probating of a will in a Florida court. When a will is probated, some parties can challenge the distribution of assets in a decedent’s estate on various grounds. We are highly experienced in handling probate matters.

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